Studio News

Printing at SF Academy of Art

John Gruenwald printing “Slow Curve”

Working on “Serpentine” in my studio

After almost five years in our Berkeley location, we have closed that studio and moved back to our home studio in Oakland.  We have had a wonderful time in Berkeley these past several years, reconnecting with old friends and making many new ones.

Rebuilding the studio has taken some time, and is now ready for use.  I hope we can see most of you in Oakland in the future.   The studio will be available for visits by appointment or regularly announced Open Studios.

Thank you for your support

New Lithographs!  2015-2020

Five years ago I was invited to work with James Claussen at   San Francisco Academy of Art  and produced my first lithograph in 40 years: “The Turn  Around”.  Three years ago I was awarded an Artist Residency, by the California Society of Printmakers, to work with Master Printer John Gruenwald and we produced four lithographs in just a month!    I am now producing stone lithographs in my studio and have been accessing the presses at Laney College in Oakland, printing eight lithographs to date. 

April 2020 -

I hope you are all doing reasonably well during this terrible Viral Pandemic.  My wife and I are doing fine, keeping busy with everyday chores, occasional forays to the grocery store, walks, and house/yard work.  I am fortunate to have my studio in the back yard.  In the past couple of years I have had access to a litho press, producing several lithographs.  Now that I am sequestered in my own studio I will be going back to working on my etchings, something I have been neglecting, because of the renewed interest in working on stone.  Look for a new etching in the near future.