Urban landscapes capture what we all create in our environment. Throughout our lives we modify our living and working space to fit our needs.  We are constantly surrounded by an ever changing landscape of mood and color that I capture in various media.

   Urban landscapes have always been a part of my vision.  After years of working almost exclusively within the intaglio process, I have concentrated on using painting, monotype, and pastel to resolve images more readily than by etching alone.

   My recent work has manifested a change in my interpretation of these compositions. While my early work reflected an emphasis on light and texture, my most recent offerings depict a determined attempt to alter my view of reality and introduce another dimension to my vision.

   I choose to depict cityscapes through a more refined interpretation of the composition before me.  The broad mass of walls, roads, or sky establish areas of color and light that can create a certain mood, and act as compositional components in the overall work of art.  By expanding my use of color through various media, the finished work grow in both scope and spectrum to better realize that vision.