“Peter Baczek focuses on the dynamic geometry of the city in his pristinely rendered etchings and aquatints, often utilizing light and the absence of figures within the man-made urban environment.  His refined sense of structure as seen in ‘Roofs’ links Baczek with many of the Precisionist artists of the 1930’s such as Charles Sheeler, Ralston Crawford, and George Ault, whose art was a distillation of the subject rather than an over-delineation of details within the subject.  Baczek’s subject matter of ordinarily overlooked street corners, rooftops, and foliage is made compelling by the force of the artistic compositions that he creates from the commonplace.”

Robert Flynn Johnson, Achenbach Foundation of Graphic Arts, Palace of the Legion of Honor, SF

   “Baczek’s etchings of architectural structures are also forceful, particularly with his dramatic contrasts of angular shadows and finely textured surfaces against monumental facades.”

Susan Boettger, San Francisco Chronicle

   “Peter Baczek is an artist concerned with the realism of ordinary life.  His subjects are the everyday lines, shadow gradations, the details and juxtapositions of the urban landscape.  His etchings celebrate an awareness of the patterns so ingrained in our daily rituals that we no longer perceive them.  His work offers a technically splendid untainted and positive reminder of the physical world we dwell in, and are affected by on all levels.”

Julie van der Ryn, City Arts Magazine

   “He utilizes the defining powers of Bay Area light to abstract personal geometrics from urban landscapes.  This light, strong and crisp, not only reveals but also isolates forms.  He has the unique ability to transform commonplace landscape into the provocative.  He achieves an important aspect of art –the reeducation of the viewers’ vision.”

Signe Mayfield, Curator, Palo Alto Cultural Center

  “Peter Baczek reduces urban images to a spare, geometry in etching/aquatints.  He has an extraordinary control of his medium, varying tones from palest to darkest gray.  He uses knife-sharp lines to delineate the segments of a sidewalk, or the corrugation of a warehouse door.  He manages to make a rhyming poetry of the lines of a warehouse roof, its shadows and the repeated shapes of its doors and windows.  He is best when his subject is toughest.

Carol Fowler, Contra Costa Times

   “Baczek is a whiz at the tonal possibilities of aquatint etching and takes it to its limits.  He is at his best when he tackles the romantic, as displayed in ‘Roofs’, a wistful, imaginative view of industrial rooftops.”

Al Morch, San Francisco Examiner